Pastor Emerson J. Morris

Pastor Emerson J. Morris is a man of integrity and influence; with a passion to develop people and a drive to be the best that Christ called him to be. Characterized by many as determined and courageous, Pastor Emerson derives he persistence and strong will from his love of football. From a child, Pastor Emerson had the desire to play professional football, like many of his school age friends. He became dedicated to the game of football in high school with one goal set in mind, getting into the NFL. He committed countless hours to perfecting his game, reviewing plays and learning the fundamentals of football. Under the watch and guidance of his high school coaches, Pastor Emerson managed to earn an athletic scholarship to the University of South Florida (USF) in 1997.

Leaving Miami to begin college was no easy transition for Pastor Emerson. Upon arriving at USF in Tampa, Pastor Emerson had not passed the SAT and was obligated by the university to pass the test within his first semester or his scholarship would be forfeited. Pastor Emerson’s relentless pursuit to past the SAT guided him through this hurdle only to find another one waiting for him his senior year, a broken leg. During the third game of the USF 2001 football season, Pastor Emerson suffered a severe leg injury that resulted in him missing the rest of the season. Pastor Emerson began to realize that his dream of becoming a professional football player was quickly vanishing into a far reality.

While recovering from his injury he had to take 18 hours in the spring and 21 hours in the summer. With persistence and prayer, Pastor Emerson graduated with a Criminology Degree but never made it into the NFL. This was the beginning of Pastor Emerson’s seek for his true purpose. In 2003, still unclear about what his true calling was, Pastor Emerson stumbled into the education sector. Teaching in the school system for 11 years Pastor Emerson is like a father figure to many of his students.

In 2010, Pastor Emerson planted Extreme Life Ministries, Inc. alongside his wife, April Morris. His vision extends beyond the church walls into the world. In 2014 Pastor Emerson authored his first book, Daddy’s Milk, which highlights his journey as a first-time father. His newest initiative is Fathers University. Birthed out of Daddy’s Milk, Fathers University empowers men to be the best that they can be in Fatherhood, Finance, and Fitness. Pastor Emerson believes when the father is in position the family is in proper alignment. Pastor Emerson, a well-established fitness trainer in the Tampa Bay area is an advocate for health and wellness. He believes that God has called His people to be healthy in every area of our life. Pastor Emerson is a passionate husband and father to Emoni and Elika.

Pastor April Morris

Pastor April Morris hails from Miami, Florida and currently resides in Tampa, Florida. In 2004, she graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Molecular Microbiology. In her collegiate years Pastor April aspired to be a dentist but God saw otherwise. Today Pastor April is a Licensed Realtor and the CEO of MorrisLife Home Group.

The youngest of three, the call of ministry runs in her family, both her father and mother are pastors and now she and her husband, Emerson Morris, serve together as pastors of Extreme Life Ministries, Inc. in Tampa, FL. The loving mother of Emoni and Elika, Pastor April wears many hats; she is a wife, mother, business owner, and church executive but the one that she enjoys flaunting the most is her crown of royalty given by the KING himself, Christ the anointed one.

Her love for God was birthed out of a dark place. At a young age, Pastor April battled with obesity, depression, and suicide; a surprise too many because of her upbringing in the church. At that point in her life, Pastor April was desperate for a change. With the spirit of Christ and her will to overcome her fears, Pastor April successfully transformed herself physically by losing weight and spiritually by renewing her mind. Today she is an accomplished certified Nutrition & Wellness Coach for Extreme Fitness a business that she and her husband own and operate.